Udemy – Professional Video Editing with Free Software using HitFilm

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Udemy – Professional Video Editing with Free Software using HitFilm

Video сourse: Udemy – Professional Video Editing with Free Software using HitFilm

Are you new to video editing? Are you lacking a video editing software and can’t afford Adobe Premier and the other Video Editing Software in the market? Do you want to make videos for youtube and need editing software to get started. Then this course is for you!!

I created this course for all the people that don’t have adobe premier and don’t want to buy software to edit video because it’s either too expensive or they just don’t feel like paying for something you can get for free. I get asked all the time to recommend a video editing software so my friends can get started with Youtube and I recommend HitFilm. It does just about everything that Adobe Premier does with a similar layout without you having to pay for anything. In this course I will show you a beginner guide to editing videos with HitFilm Express by showing you how I edit one of my vlogs. I been doing Youtube for years and used many different software and there is things I can do on HitFilm that I can’t do in some of the other software I use. So if you are ready to start making videos then sign up for this course today.

What are the requirements?

Pc or Mac
Videos to Edit either from mobile or video camera
What am I going to get from this course?

Learn to edit video with free software on their computer
What is the target audience?

Beginner Video Editor
Aspiring Youtuber
Aspiring Filmmaker
Anyone who wants to edit video without paying for expensive software

MP4 1280x720 | 0h 59m | ENG | 665 MB

Download: Udemy – Professional Video Editing with Free Software using HitFilm

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