aweShading Kit 1.0 for Daz Studio

Author Sonya
aweShading Kit 1.0 for Daz Studio

Title: aweShading Kit 1.0 for Daz Studio

Physically plausible shading is now available for 3delight users with the aweSurface shader. aweSurface is a new, robust, highly optimized, physically plausible shader for DAZ Studio and 3Delight employing physically based rendering (PBR) metalness / roughness workflow. Using a primarily uber shader approach, it can be used to render materials such as dielectrics, glass and metal or even a mix of them.

This kit includes a plethora of tools to manage your rendering workflow with the new uber shader. Like an environment sphere with extra controls that allows live adjustments during live progressive rendering. Make exposure, saturation, gain/gamma or even apply blur to your HDRI texture on the fly.

There's also a control light for managing scene wide exposure that smart enough not to overexpose directly lit surfaces. Thanks to the Reinhard tone mapping included with aweSurface. Use the same light to control saturation or temperature, even during live renders.

aweSurface comes with its own global illumination solution, so you don't need any other indirect or IBL light. You'll even get ambient occlusion for free. But that's not all. Combined with the new path traced area light, you'll get direct lighting for free, and as a bonus get up to 100% faster render times compared to point/spot lights.

Once you've setup your scene and ready to render. use the included render script to enable diffuse ray caching for the built-in 3delight renderer. The script exposes extra parameters like separate ray depth limit for specular and diffuse, plus bokeh options when rendering with depth of field enabled.

Download: aweShading Kit 1.0 for Daz Studio

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